Workout: Monday January 13, 2020

Programming Preview – January 13th – January 19th This is week 8 of our lifting program. You will see some percentages this week, and some great drill work to fix specific faults and common errors. Get ready to crush some conditioning and get your swole on with some bodybuilding! Monday – Oly + Gymnastics Strength Tuesday- Gymnastics Skill + Conditioning Wednesday- Strength + BodyBuilding Thursday- Oly + Odd Object Conditioning Friday- FNF!  Saturday- Oly + BodyBuilding Sunday-  Send It Sunday! Partner WOD Part 1 – Oly/Strength A)E2MOM x 5: Hang snatch + low hang snatch B)E2MOM x 4: Hang power clean + power clean C)Clean high pull 2-2@115% D)Backsquat 3-3-3 Part 2-  YAW! For time: 20 burpees 10 muscle-ups 10 burpees 5 muscle-ups Cap: 11 minutes

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