Workout: Monday February 10, 2020

Programming Preview – February 10th – February 16th We have a super fun week planned for the 204 Crüe – get ready!! Our olympic lifts will be light and fast this week with a focus on speed and perfect positions. We’ll hit some gymnastics strength and skill development, and round out the programming with classic couplets and triplets for your engine. Monday – Oly/Strength + BodyBuilding Tuesday-  Conditioning Wednesday- Conditioning Thursday- Oly/Strength + BodyBuilding Friday- FNF!  Saturday- Odd Object Fun Sunday-  Send It Sunday! Partner WOD! February 10 – Monday Part 1 – Oly/Strength A) Scarecrow clean 1-1-1-1 B) Hang clean high pull + hang clean 1-1-1-1@70-75% C) Zombie squat 3-3-3-3 (33×1) Part 2 – BodyBuilding 4 giant sets: 25 seated presses 25 seated banded rows 25 v-ups Rest 60 seconds *Empty bar will suffice here!

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