What Would Happen If You Told Someone Your Goal?

Forbes, goals create action. And it’s obvious that stating your goal provides added motivation and accountability. I saw proof of this last weekend, when I spent four days with some of the top gym owners in the world at the Two-Brain Business Summit in Chicago. I had a chance to talk to a host of owners from all over the world, as well as about 40 very successful owners who now mentor others. Some of the people I spoke to were just starting out, and some have owned gyms for 15 years or more. Regardless of their individual circumstances, each was there for the same reason: They all wanted to learn how to run a better business that would help clients achieve their goals. At the conference, the final speaker, Jay Williams of CrossFit Hale, took everyone though a goal-setting and accountability exercise. Everyone paired up and set goals, then made a precise plan for success. Each person determined the daily activities that would be needed to accomplish the goal. At the end, each partner made a deal to text the other proof that he or she was doing the work daily. I can’t wait to see what a room full of driven, passionate people accomplish in the next weeks. For me, the exercise really reminded me of the importance of goal setting. Without goals, you can become very unfocused and misdirect your energy. But with a clear goal and a plan in place, you’ll devote your energy in the right direction. You’ll notice we’ve been talking a lot about goals. We have a goal board, we ask you to book goal-setting sessions and share your goals in our Facebook groups, and we’re constantly asking you for Bright Spots—aka, accomplished goals. We do this because we know you aren’t at the gym for no reason. You’re here because you want something to happen. You want to gain or lose weight. You want to reduce pain. You want to live longer and be healthier. You want to improve your marathon time. You want to do a pull-up. You want to burn off some stress so you can be a better family member. And so on. We ask you to share these goals with us so we can help you accomplish them. We’ll hold you accountable and provide motivation and support. But beyond that, we use members’ goals to help us improve our business. 204 Lifestyle is perhaps the best example of that. We found out a lot of the people in our gym had goals that could only be accomplished with exercise and nutrition, so we created an arm of the business dedicated to healthy eating. Our business will always adjust to the goals of our clients, and we’ll always work to provide everything you need to find success. To help us do so, please share your goals with us. We want to know what you’re working toward so we can help you. I’d encourage you to book a free goal-setting section with us by clicking here. In 15 minutes, we’ll find out what you want to accomplish, and we’ll tell you how we can help move things along faster. Very few people have used this free service so far! I’d like to encourage you to click the link and spend 15 minutes with us. It’s a win-win. You’ll get an invested coach behind you, and we’ll find out more ways we can make our gym even better. Consider this a personal request from me: Please click below to meet with a coach and tell us your goals!


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