Try This Weight Loss Mindset Hack!

Are you working on a fat loss goal right now? Here is some important advice: try to stop obsessing over it!! It can still be a goal, but the less you think about it, the better off you will be. The thing is, you’ll very likely end up getting better results too.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t need a plan in place. I think that’s a given. Nutrition, training, sleep and stress management all need to jive to help you accomplish this goal. But what doesn’t help is checking the mirror every time you walk by to see if something has changed. Or deciding it’s only going to be a good day of the scale moves. This type of behaviour can really set you back. Your personal happiness cannot hinge on how you look, or how much you weigh.

When it comes to mindset around fat-loss, focus on the metrics that make YOU feel good, and embrace the process. Examples of this are:
– Performance metrics. Improving pull-ups, running faster, logging all of your workouts for the week. Just showing up and doing the work is cause for celebration!
– Feeling more energized, clearer and focused. Good food and sleep can do wonders for your life.
– Ownership of your healthy habits and a sense of purpose. Some things you just cannot control. But if you have the option to make some changes here – it feels good

When we fixate solely on how we look, we can end up getting frustrated and giving up. Sometimes the results we are after just take time, and all of your efforts will accumulate with patience and consistency to an awesome end result. In the meantime – don’t worry about it!!

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