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Workout: May 31, 2020

Air Affair AMRAP 7:10 GTO10 box jumpsRest 3 minutes AMRAP 6:Run 800mMax double -unders in remaining time Sign Up For Classes Here!

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The interior of a sunlit CrossFit gym with a sign that reads "moved online" during the coronavirus crisis.

Workout: May 23, 2020

Swole Saturday! 4 sets of everything: 5 back squats10 reverse lunges15 russian or banded swingsRest 2 minutes 5 seated presses10 reverse curls15 weighted sit-upsRest 2

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Workout: May 15, 2020

FNF! Equalize4-7 minute rounds:Run 600m30 hang clean and jerksMax burpee box jump-overs in remaining timeRest 2 minute between rounds Sign Up For Classes Here!

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Workout: May 14, 2020

Part 1  – Strength A) Deadlift 3-3-3-3B) Backsquat 8-8-8-8-8Rest 2 minutes Part 2 – Core AMRAP 15:30 weighted sit-ups20 plate inchworms100ft waiter walk (R)100ft waiter

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Workout: May 11, 2020

Part 1 – Strength A) Push press 7-7-7-7-7Rest 2 minutes B) 5 supersets:10 floor presses10 single arm rows Rest 60 seconds Part 2 – Fast Feet

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Workout: April 29, 2020

Rock Your Body A) E2MOM x5:10 push presses20 russian swings Rest 2 minutes B) E2MOM x5:10 pull-ups20 split squats Rest 2 minutes C) Max distance

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