Our Position: Past, Present and Future

A squat rack in an empty gym in Winnipeg.

This has been one of 204’s guiding goals for as long we’ve existed:

“Provide a welcoming and safe environment for athletes of all ages, races, religions and orientations.”

This has always been in our Athlete’s Code:

“I will be treated with respect at all times, and I am expected to treat everyone in the community with that same respect.”

In 2009, when we were just a nameless bootcamp, we included equality in our mission. No racism would be tolerated. No sexism. No discrimination based on religion, sexual orientation or anything else.

When we secured a physical space in 2011, we put our rules on the wall. And we sent the Athlete’s Code to new members. It was important to us that everyone felt safe. Gyms for too long had been intimidating, and we wanted our space to be different.

We protected that space for almost a decade, and we’re still standing for equality now that our physical location is closed.

We believe racism is abhorrent—always have, always will. The recent comments by CrossFit’s founder do not reflect our values. Racism is unacceptable. We’ve said that from 2009 to 2020, and we’ll keep saying it whenever it needs to be said.

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