trellis nutrition

Our nutrition program is perfect for anyone who wants to eat the foods they enjoy while accomplishing goals through sustainable, healthy habits.

Why trellis nutrition?

Our signature nutrition program is expanding to offer an increased value! This program has removed hundreds of pounds of fat, added muscle, changed body composition, and established lifelong habits that support health and increase confidence.

204 has a registered dietitian on staff, and these services are covered by many insurance plans.
We provide everything you need to succeed through education, support and high levels of accountability. If you’re looking to move beyond an on-your-own app, meal template or unsustainable restrictive plan and try a high-touch program delivered by an experienced professional, this program will help you accomplish your goals.

A nutrition coach chops brightly coloured vegetables in her kitchen.


A comprehensive 45-minute intake session online or in person. This includes a review of nutrition history and a discussion of goals, challenges and expectations.

  • The 204 Lifestyle ebook: your guide to success.
    Macronutrient targets and interactive tracking through shared Google sheets.
  • Weekly online check-ins through email and Google sheets, including changes to targets, review of food journal/tracking app and goal setting for the week. Your coach will review your plan and provide strategies for success every week.
  • 20-minute biweekly in person or online check-ins. Each session will include a review of metrics such as tape measurements, InBody scans, pictures, goals and overall progress report. (Online check-ins do not involve InBody scans.)
  • Monthly InBody body-composition scans for Lake of the Woods clients.
  • Text support. We will respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.
  • Access to our private Facebook group with additional recipes, blogs and interaction with Lifestyle coaches and other clients.
  • High-protein baking guide.
  • Cost: $200 + GST monthly recurring subscription (minimum 3-month commitment)


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