The Hardest Part of Getting Fit

Fitness Fast!

Here’s some really good news: The body responds to exercise very quickly. We’ve been helping people start fitness programs for 10 years, and we’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of clients make significant improvements in a short time. A few examples:
  • A person who had trouble performing a squat with just her body weight started using a barbell.
  • Someone who had trouble moving 100 m became fit enough jog for 400 m.
  • A person who found the introductory workout challenging now considers it “a warm-up” for much more difficult workouts.
  • A senior who started lifting very light loads and is now safely able to pick up much more than 100 lb.
  • A person who set a goal of losing weight and gaining muscle started seeing results within six weeks.
We have hundreds of examples, and these are just a few of the most common.
“Every workout has some kind of positive impact. Suddenly you are doing things you never thought you would ever do—both inside and outside the gym.” —Sheryl
In fact, literally everyone at our gym has a story and can tell you exactly how fitness improved. These stories are all backed by proof—numbers and details. Here’s how every story starts: “After I decided to start working out… .” If you want to read real stories from real people, click here for a bunch!

The Hardest Part of Getting Fit

We know you’re going to get stronger. And faster. And fitter. If you set a goal of losing weight, losing fat or gaining muscle, you can accomplish it. We know how to make it happen. Over 10 years, we’ve developed programs that work without question. And we can tell you that results come very quickly when you combine working out with great nutrition. We can help with both. But only one person can make the decision to start a fitness program: you. That’s literally the hardest part of getting fit. And we understand. Changing old habits can be hard. Starting something new can be challenging. Setting a goal can be scary. That’s why we totally changed the way we introduce people to a fitness program. For a long time, we had people drop in and try a class. Talk about jumping into the deep end! Over time, we learned that the hardest part of getting fit is starting, so we invested a lot of time in helping people do that. We changed the way people join our facility—and we were scared about the change, too! We were starting something new, and it made us nervous. Would anyone come to talk to us? It turns out, lots of people wanted to talk about fitness with us!

Conversation First!

An athlete runs by the front door of CrossFit 204 and receives a high five from a blond coach in a grey hooded sweatshirt.The hardest part of getting fit is starting, so here’s how we can help: If you have questions about fitness, we can answer them. For free. This isn’t a veiled sales pitch or trick. We’ve booked off hours in our staff schedule just to talk to people about their goals and tell them how to accomplish them. No charge, no pressure. When you book a consultation with us, we’ll ask you about your goals, your history and your motivation. Then we’ll give you a plan. You don’t have to come in and try a class or jump right into something. You certainly can if you want. But we’ve learned most people want to talk to us and learn more about our gym, our program and our staff. Then they decide if they want to start a fitness program. But at that point, the decision isn’t so hard. People who have the information they need can make good decisions, and that makes starting a fitness program easy. Walking into a huge gym without a clue what to do to lose weight is intimidating. And most people think about that and don’t start a program. But when you know exactly how a fitness program will help you, and when you know that an expert coach will be there every minute to ensure you’re on the right track, fitness doesn’t look so scary. In fact, it starts to look like fun.

Talk to Us!

If you’re wondering how to start a fitness program this fall, talk to us. We’re here for you, and we have consultation slots available. The hardest part of getting fit is starting, but we’re going to make it much easier for you. To talk to us for free, book an appointment here

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