Fitness First!

tester-igThanks to everyone who signed up for Fitness First! If you missed out but still want in, talk to Crystal, and she can slip you in past the deadline. If you have your card in hand, here are the details once again: You need to work out 24 times–4 times per week–over the next six weeks to fill the card and earn the prize. Workouts at the gym count–be sure to give your card to the coach and ask for a punch whenever you work out (maximum 4 punches per week). But we know many of you are out and about enjoying the weather and sometimes can’t make it to the gym, so outside-the-gym workouts count, too. All you have to do to get credit for the workout is post a picture or video to Instagram, note what you did and tag @crossfit204. Then punch your card yourself if you’re away or bring it in and get a coach to do it. (Max 4 punches per week–but you can do more than 4 workouts!) For example, Coach Dave did today’s workout in his basement and posted it to Instagram. Jeremie has also documented his on-the-road training with a kettlebell. Running and swimming cycling count! Dock workouts count! Moving a giant pile of wood for time counts! Count anything that shows you’re committed to staying fit over summer! Remember to tag @CrossFit204 so we see the post! We’ll comment, like and share. Need workout ideas? Click here. After Aug. 12, hand in your completed card to receive a prize. If you have any questions, talk to Crystal!  

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