Client Highlight – Karly!

I love working with Karly! She is an amazing multi sport athlete who does it all. She has a very positive attitude, excellent work ethic and she is highly accountable.

When we started working together she was very upfront about her goals. She wanted to look leaner but still be able to get after her workouts. After a solid discussion, we decided that we would prioritize a cut to deliver the aesthetics she was after, but we would do it slowly and do our very best to keep her muscle on and keep her training feeling good.

Karly has been very patient. We haven’t frantically cut her food back because she had a slow week, or increased her out put to make things go quicker. Higher protein, lots of whole foods, quality rest and her awesome workouts with @norakcrossfit have delivered some pretty amazing results.

She also just wrapped up her first CrossFit Open and made it the second round. Congratulations Karly!

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