COVID and Our Business: One Year Later

We ran the last group class at 204 a year ago. We knew March 17, 2020, would be the last class for a long time. …

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5 Things Our Most Successful Clients Have In Common

We’re half way through March, and you might be reflecting on your New Years Resolutions. You’re contemplating if you have succeeded, if you’re still moving …

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Sleep, Health & Fitness

When it comes to our health and fitness goals, we all understand the value of nutrition and training. Are there other factors that influence our …

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Understanding Your InBody Scan Results

One of the services we provide at 204 Lifestyle is InBody scanning. Our device is the InBody 270, a mobile unit that uses electrical impedance …

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Online Fitness in Kenora, Northwestern Ontario and Cottage Country

Four steps to get started with online fitness in Kenora and Northwestern Ontario. Includes sample workouts and tips for success!

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How To Choose An Online Personal Trainer

Online fitness and personal training have exploded. COVID forced many gyms to close and left clients looking for alternatives to stay fit at home.  Some …

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How To Get Strong in 2021: Master The Staples

There is an old joke that the commitment to getting stronger and fitter often entails doing the same movements over and over again. While you can definitely spice things up from time to time with new exercises, equipment and routines, the magic happens when we embrace and perfect the simple, elegant basics. And the four movement patterns I describe below offer a host of variations that will keep you interested.

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Dare to Compare: You Against You

If I measured my personal best lifts against the elite in the sport of powerlifting, I would be miserable. My achievements would seem worthless next …

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Tracking Macros During COVID: Yes or No?

Almost one year into the pandemic we’ve seen two prominent trends emerge with clients we are coaching. It’s in weekly check-ins, it’s in Zoom calls …

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Fitness and Motivation During Lockdown

With gyms closing everywhere and fitness enthusiasts forced to train at home, we’ve been hearing from a lot of people who feel very unmotivated. It’s …

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