Belly Fat – Is It Bad For Your Health?

It’s totally normal & healthy to have body fat. Also there isn’t a universally perfect body fat percentage to achieve to be healthy. Based on …

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Are We Destined To Have A Set Body Weight? There are several different theories that attempt to explain why our bodies appear to have a …

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Client Highlight – Karly!

I love working with Karly! She is an amazing multi sport athlete who does it all. She has a very positive attitude, excellent work ethic …

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3 Things That Are Holding You Back

Most people I work with have at least one of these barriers: 1) Aligning expectations with effort2) Consistency on the weekends/holidays3) Cementing permanent changes In …

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The Element Of Work

Why do some people succeed at maintaining weight loss, or making healthy lifestyle changes permanently? They accept that there will always be effort required. They …

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The Muscle Mindset

What does it take to gain muscle? A lot of hard work & consistency in the gym & the kitchen, the right mindset and a …

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Is Fasted Cardio Superior For Fat Loss?

There is a long standing belief that fasted cardio burns more fat, and therefore has favorable effects on body composition. What does the research tell …

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If It’s Not Complicated, Why Is It So Hard?

Popular nutrition soundbite – “It’s not rocket science!” Yes, this is true. We’re not trying to explore space. We’re just trying to feel good, perform …

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Training & Your Menstrual Cycle

Fitness Training and Your Period I first became aware of how my period and menstruation cycle affected my training in my mid-20s. I can’t say …

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Nutrition KickStart – 30 Days Of Healthy Habits!

I am excited to partner up again with Norak CrossFit to bring you another 30-Day Healthy Habits Nutrition KickStart! Over one month, we’ll help you …

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