3 Things That Are Holding You Back

Most people I work with have at least one of these barriers:

1) Aligning expectations with effort
2) Consistency on the weekends/holidays
3) Cementing permanent changes

In fact I’d wager that almost anyone who struggles with their health & fitness could say YES to at least one thing on this list.

The first conversation needs to be about expectations and effort. What are your goals and what are you willing/not willing to do? Wanting visible abs but knowing you’re going to dine out 3-4 times a week and drink alcohol doesn’t work for 99% of people. Does the behaviour need to change, or the goal? You need to have that conversation honestly.

Weekends take planning and practise. Mindset is key – it’s just another day in the week. You can’t not prioritize 30% of you week and hope to see progress. If you want to hit full send every Friday- Sunday, read the paragraph above this one.

Short term solutions = short term results. It’s very likely that what you want to accomplish will take months if not longer. Leaning into the work day after day and enjoying it is so fundamental to any permanent change. You have to identify as a person who cares about their nutrition & fitness plain and simple.

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has barriers. The key is to acknowledge them first, and then have a plan to move past them. If you need help putting that plan together, click here and let’s connect. I’d love to work with you!

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