204Lifestyle – Veggie Pancakes

I am thrilled to share with you guys an original 204 Lifestyle recipe. These protein pancakes are hands down the best I have ever tasted. I posted a version of these that included whey protein a couple of weeks ago, but this version packs more veggies and only uses egg whites.

You know the dreaded dryness that almost always shows up to a certain extent when you bake with whey? You’ll get none of that with these pancakes. They are moist and taste amazing. The batter also holds together while you cook them, so flipping is a breeze.

I love starting my day with veggies. It just sets the tone for the rest of the day. If things go awry by noon or dinner, I know I sent 200 grams of greens and sweet potatoes down the hatch first thing so I can relax a bit more.

Trying to sneak some micronutrients into your spouse’s diet or maybe the kids’ meals? Don’t even tell them there are veggies in this. I bet they won’t even notice! Top with some berries and you’re golden.


-100 grams of blended sweet potato
-100 grams of blended zucchini
-1 cup of egg whites
-90 grams of 0% plain greek yogurt
-28 grams of coconut flour
-1 tsp of baking powder
-Dash of salt
-Dash of vanilla
-Stevia to taste


3 grams of fat
49 grams of carbs
47 grams of protein


1. Blend your sweet potato in a blender until very finely chopped but not mushy. Place in a bowl. Do the same thing with your zucchini. With the zucchini, you will need to pat the excess water out. Use a towel or some paper towel to do this.

2. Whisk your egg whites until frothy, then combine your yogurt and whisk again.

3. Add you flour, salt, stevia, baking powder and vanilla and combine with a fork.

4. Heat your non-stick pan at medium and coat with a non-stick oil. I use the olive oil spray by Pam.

5. Stir your veggies into the batter last and pour into 6-8 pancakes immediately. Cook 3-4 minutes per side or until golden brown.

6. Use your heated pan to warm some frozen berries and add as a topping.

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