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(When swimming or diving, always stay safe: Ensure the water is free of obstructions, use a life jacket or floatation device, and have someone keep an eye on you. If you aren’t confident in the water, stay on land. If using makeshift equipment, ensure it is safe.)

Dock Cindy 
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 push-ups
10 squats
Jump in water and tread for 30 seconds

Paddleboard Pump
5 rounds of:
Paddle out from shore for 40 very hard strokes
Paddle in to shore
25 squats

Dock Muscle-Ups
30 rounds for time of:
Jump in the water, swim 15 m out and 15 m back to the dock
Without using a ladder, hoist yourself out of the water

Double Duathlon
Two rounds of:
Swim out for 3 minutes Swim back to start
Run out for 3 minutes
Run back to start
Rest 2 minutes

Beast of Burden
Find a reasonably heavy rock you can pick up and carry, then perform as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
8 rock deadlifts
Hoist rock to shoulder or bear-hug rock
Carry rock 10 m along shore
Carry rock into water for 10 m or until water reaches sternum
Carry rock back to start

Wood You?
Using a wheelbarrow, load as much wood as it will safely hold, then perform 10 rounds of:
Wheelbarrow walk 100 m
10 squats
Wheelbarrow walk 100 m
10 tuck jumps

Hill Country
Find a hill or incline of any grade, then perform 10 rounds of the following:
Sprint up the hill (max 60-80 m)
Walk back to bottom

Child’s Play
Locate a playground and perform 10 rounds of the following:
1 minute of sand shuttle sprint (any distance)
1minute of pull-ups or body rows (swings can sub as rings for “swing rows”)

Swim Club
Swim 30 minutes
(Ensure safety: use a floatation device, stay in shallow water, or have someone canoe alongside)

Tabata Canoe
32 rounds of:
Paddle hard for 20 seconds
Coast for 10 seconds

Land and Sea
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
30-second handstand hold (freestanding or against boathouse or tree)
Lunge to end of dock or take 16 lunge steps
Swim out 10 m
Swim back
Lunge to tree or take 16 lunge steps

Burn Pile
Select a medium-heavy piece of wood (about 18-24 inches of unsplit log is great), then perform the following four times (wear protective clothing, gloves if needed):
3 minutes of log clean and push presses
Rest 1 minute

Rock Rules
With a heavy rock you can safely lift, bear-hug it or hold it in the crooks of your elbows to perform 8 max sets of squats
Rest 90 seconds between sets

Baywatch Blitz
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
Sprint 50 m along shore
Sprint into the water until it reaches your sternum
Sprint/swim back to shore
Sprint back along shore to start

Draggin’s Den
Connect a rope or chain to something heavy, like a log or rock, then perform 8 rounds of the following:
Drag for 50 feet walking forward
10 push-ups
Drag for 50 feet walking backward
Pull object toward you hand over hand

General Tips

You should do a general warm-up before each workout. This warm-up should get you sweating and loosen you up from your travels. Here’s a basic idea:

Run 5 minutes
50 feet – walk, pulling knee to chest
50 feet – walk, pulling heel to butt
50 feet – floor sweepers (swing hands past heels while walking)
50 feet – Samson stretches
50 feet – walking high kicks
50 feet – inchworm
50 feet – bear crawl
50 feet – jogging high knees
50 feet – jogging heels-to-butt

Perform any dynamic stretching or mobility work you enjoy

At increased intensity, 3 rounds of: 25 jumping jacks, 10 alternating lunges, 5 push-ups, 10 squats

Safety first! Before any workout, inspect every area for traffic, broken glass, potholes, unsavoury characters and so on. If an area or object looks unsafe, avoid it. For example, if a tree branch might not support your weight, don’t use it for pull-ups.

Playgrounds and parks often have bars, benches and other equipment that you can incorporate into a workout.

Hills and trails can be great options. Always alert someone as to your destination and return time if you’re heading into the wilderness alone.

Many of these workouts can be done in hotel gyms, and the basic equipment they contain can be used to spice things up. For example, you could hold a dumbbell during squats or use a treadmill for running intervals.

You can bring a skipping rope along and use it to add variety to workouts.

Workout Ideas

These workouts can be modified according to the space, time and equipment available. It’s recommended that you do a rough calculation to determine how much work you’ll actually do, as people have a tendency to overdo things on their own.

For example, consider a 45-minute workout containing a total of 500 squats. That one might make the rest of your trip unpleasant. A good rule of thumb: intensity beats volume, meaning going harder for short intervals is often better than doing a lot of reps over a long period. Besides, you’re on the road for a reason. Hit a quick workout and get on to business or pleasure.

General On-the-Road/Hotel Workouts

15 minutes of:
5 pull-ups or body rows (use a swingset or any bar you’re certain will hold your weight)
10 push-ups
15 squats

10 minutes of:
15 squats
Sprint 200 meters
15 burpees

8 minutes of:
Sprint 30 seconds
Walking lunges for 30 seconds (watch the knees on concrete)

5 rounds of:
10 box/bench jumps/step-ups
15 push-ups

As fast as possible: 100 burpees In your hotel room

10 rounds of:
30-second handstand hold or plank by bathroom
Lunges across the floor to the windows
10 air squats

8 times 20 seconds on/10 seconds off (1 minute between exercises):
This one would be 32 total interviews of 20:10 (16 minutes)

In any time interval, run at 85-90 percent for 1-2 telephone poles
Run at 60-65 percent for 2-4 telephone poles

10 100-yard (approx.) hill sprints
Sprint up and walk down, leaving about 2 minutes between rounds

Run the stairs in your hotel for 15-20 minutes (please note that long descents can make your calves quite sore the next day; feel free to take the elevator down to create an interval workout)

Stair variation that works best with hotels of about 12-15 floors:
1st ascent: 5 squats at every landing
2nd ascent: 5 push-ups at every landing
3rd ascent: 5 burpees at every landing
(please note that long descents can make your calves quite sore the next day; feel free to take the elevator down to create an interval workout)

In a parking lot with standard marked stalls, start at one end.
Run from the first yellow line to the second, then back to the first.
Then run first to third, then back to the first. And so on.
Time varies by size of lot.

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